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I'm Kirsten- the Owner & Director behind The OPAL Affair, LLC. As a marketer, community builder, planner, and communicator, I am a sharp-minded creative and results-driven leader. Possessing strong ownership and time-management skills, as well as a fierce commitment to finding efficiencies, I never compromise on providing my clients with solutions that feel authentic to their individual needs.

I am the perfect complement for the Type A Bride who is reluctant to hand over trust that her wedding will be well-executed. I am the yin to the Unorganized Bride's yang. I am the lifesaver for the Nervous Mother-of-the-Bride.


I'm a shit photographer, a terrible seamstress, and probably too old to make relevant Tik Toks. But I am a Creative at heart. A Director and Orchestrator. A Conductor and Community Organizer. Together, I have no doubt we can bring your vision to life in a vibrant & unique way.

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Top Photo Courtesy of Onyx + Opal Creative Co.


A Love Letter,


I don't live in the past, but I am deeply inspired by it. James Dean & Marilyn smoking on the balcony, Princess Di and the infamy of her Revenge Dress. My grandparents and their scandalous love affair...

I don't yearn for the future, but I like to watch as the bounds of what we think we know are pushed every day. Ye and his muses. Space trips to Mars. My son and his beautiful brain. 

Somewhere, in the midst of the past and the future, there begins my beautiful, weird love affair. With art. And pop culture. With concepts and fashion. History and forecasts. Events and design.

And this will be its home. The Opal Affair.



From noticing your dad’s eyes glisten as he prepares to walk you down the aisle, to witnessing the corners of your partner's eyes crinkle as they break into a smile during the first look, to hearing a murmur of appreciation from your guests as they watch your dress swirl whimsically during the First Dance.


Let us handle the burdensome details of your day, so that you can soak in the highlights.

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