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What the F*** is a Day of Coordinator, and Do I Need One?!

It's Wedding Day. You've planned on spending the morning in the Bridal Suite- sipping mimosas with your girls, and soaking in the once-in-a-lifetime pampering that is Bridal Glam.

Your hairstylist is working their magic on the hair you've been growing out for months in anticipation of Wedding Day. Damn! This is gonna be such a freaking gre---


You look down to see your florist calling.

"Hi! We're at the venue with your flowers! Who's coming out to sign for them and bring them in?"



A second call is coming in- it's your DJ, asking how you want him to set-up in relation to the dance floor.

All of the sudden your lovely, relaxing, mimosa-filled morning has been replaced with phone calls, furious texting, and last minute logistics.

Enter, your Day of Coordinator.

Day of Coordinators are handpicked and contracted by the couple, specifically to represent and advocate for their plans and wishes. Day of Coordinators are the Wedding Day Point of Contact for alllllllllll the things on Wedding Day- from taking the lead on vendor and guest communications, to setting up décor elements, managing chaos and logistical issues, and making sure the timeframe is adhered to...whew!

(And while each Day of Coordinator does things a bit differently, here at The Opal Affair, we ALSO include communication prior to Wedding Day, so that we can assist you with Day of Timeline creation!)

The value of hiring a Day of Coordinator goes far beyond simply ensuring that your morning mimosa doesn't give you more of a headache than a hype-up. It's also about ensuring the people who are nearest and dearest to you- your family and friends- aren't the ones left frantically trying to pick up the pieces if something goes sideways.

Hiring a Day of Coordinator is about offering yourself, your partner, your friends and your family, some peace of mind. At the end of the day, if a Coordinator has done their job right, every single aspect of the day may have been one gigantic struggle, but the Couple will never know it.

So sit back, enjoy, and soak in every single moment of your once-in-a-lifetime day, knowing that you have someone in your corner making sure all the s**t happening behind-the-scenes is doing just that, staying behind-the-scenes.

x | k

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