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5 Easy Ways to Thank Your Wedding Vendors

They made sure your Wedding Day glam was sweat-proof. They meticulously set-up each and every Place Card in alphabetical a perfect circle...surrounding your Seating Chart. They captured THE most epic Wedding Party group shots you could've ever even imagined. They DJ-d so hard, your guests talked about it for months to come.

They are the motley crew...the hard-working...the Wedding Vendors.

And quite frankly? The unsung heroes of every wedding.

In general, people working in the service industry are their own special breed of bad-ass- they ALL deserve to be celebrated. It takes a certain level of grit to walk in to work every day, knowing that chances are high you are going to be disrespected and undervalued by at least 2 or 3 people throughout the course of your shift.

Wedding Vendors are certainly no exception. The behind-the-scenes of vendors on a Wedding Day is something that could be turned into a Bravo reality series. We're hustling, swearing under our breath, and making decisions in real time that will impact the result of someone else's Dream Day. The pressure is high. The expectations are high. And any good Wedding Vendor is just out there trying to consistently do the most.

So. What are a few easy ways you can thank the team who hustled and sweat on your Wedding Day so that you (hopefully!) didn't have to?! Let's take a quick look at 5...

01. Gift Them a Wedding Day Goodie Bag

We're talking simple, yet effective. Throw a bottle of water in a bag with some almonds, a meat stick, and maybe a few chocolate peanut butter cups, and your vendors will be so touched, they might just write about it later (Ahem! Thanks for being a real one, Erin!)

Oh, and while you're at it, might as well put a few more bags together for your Wedding Party and parents!

02. Leave Them a Glowing Review

It's the oldest trick in the book- hop on your computer and spend a few minutes leaving a glowing review for your vendors. Google, Facebook, and of course The (ever controversial) Knot. Leaving reviews not only makes your vendors feel good, validated, and appreciated, it also helps them rank better in Google searches, and provides feedback for future clients to make informed decisions!

03. TAG Them in Your Instagram Posts

C'mon, let's be real with each other. As soon as you get some Sneak Peeks, you're going to hop on social media and share your love with the world. Take a couple extra seconds before hitting "Post," and tag your vendors! It's just another way to express appreciation for the behind-the-scenes workers, as well as give your friends, family, and followers a chance to check out the vendors social pages as well!

04. Don't Alter Images

Along the lines of posting professional images to social media, remember not to add any additional filters, face-tuning, or cropping, etc.! You hired your photographer for a reason, let them do their job and showcase your day through their professional lens!

05. Tipping

Okay, we've reached that point in the class where the teacher is about to say something controversial. Yes, of course, tipping IS a great way to thank your vendors. Is it obligatory? No! Absolutely not! But if you're considering tipping you wedding vendors, let's mull over a few things together:

  • Most vendors book at least one year in advance. Meaning that by the time your wedding rolls around, your vendors have most likely raised their price, or have had to adjust certain elements of their business due to inflation and changing costs of living, etc. So often, what keeps a vendor afloat financially is a combination of receiving your remaining balance, yes, but also booking NEW weddings at a higher price point.

  • Gas Prices and Mileage...sorry to make your skin crawl. But yes, particularly this year, vendors are losing out HARD on high gas prices. When vendors book so far in advance, if there is not a clause in their contracts for retaining the right to charge more for mileage etc. it's just another cost they end up eating when your Wedding Day does arrive!

So there it is. 5 Easy Ways to Thank your Wedding Vendors in one succinct article. You don't need to break the budget in order to show your appreciation to your vendors! A little of your time and a few kind words can mean all of the difference to the crew who hustled, sweat (and possibly cried about it later in their car!) to make happen!

The OPAL Affair is a Wedding and Events Coordination Company based in Frankenmuth, Michigan and serving the entire state.


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