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The O.P.A.L Sessions: A Wedding Industry Insider's Secrets for YOUR Wedding Planning Success

Back in January, when I made the tough decision that pursuing a career as a solo entrepreneur was the path most aligned with my personal and professional goals and values, I intrinsically knew the exact direction I was feeling called to take my company in: O.P.A.L.

The Meaning of O.P.A.L.

For the better part of my life, I've been The Organized Friend. The one with the bedroom so clean it would pass The White Glove Test. The one who always woke up first, seemingly never got hungover (okay, that shit's changed) and planned the logistics of every road trip and vacation.

My life has, quite truly, always been ruled by the 4 basic concepts that form O.P.A.L:





Is it the sexiest acronym? Meh, okay fine. Maybe not. But these concepts can literally add so. much. consistency into your life. And it's this consistency piece that is so often missing for people- whether you're planning a wedding, looking to create a cohesive business or personal brand, or are long overdue to give your house a serious deep cleaning.

The O.P.A.L. Sessions

So. How the heck does all of this relate to the Wedding Services we offer through The Opal Affair?!

In an effort to provide a more in-depth (yet accessible!) service for clients who want to start their Wedding Planning Journey off on the right foot, I created The O.P.A.L. Sessions as a one-stop-shop for: Wedding Planning Printables, One-on-One Access to a Wedding Industry Insider (me!) and of course, Vendor Recommendations, Personalized Advice, and a few fun Freebies!

"How does it work?" you ask? It's as easy as this!

  1. Purchase The OPAL Sessions right from the website

  2. Fill out a Pre-Session Questionnaire

  3. Receive 5 Downloadable Wedding Planning PDF's right into your inbox!

  4. Join me for 2 hours of uninterrupted time to ask me any and allllllll things wedding planning-related! (Seriously, nothing is off-limits!)

  5. We'll go through the PDF's together, and I'll show you how to use them most effectively!

  6. Receive personalized recommendations & insights based on your unique Wedding Day Vision!

After your session is complete, receive the following wrap-up info, all with your unique needs in mind!

  1. Personalized Post-Session Wrap-Up email, detailing everything we talked about in your session

  2. Access to Personalized Vendor Recommendations

  3. Access to a Thank-you Swag Bag

  4. Discount on our popular Day of Coordination Package!

Prepping and planning for your Wedding Day truly does not have to be the overwhelming and exhausting experience that so many people find it to be- invest in your Wedding Day (and your sanity) with The OPAL Sessions.

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