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5 Wedding WASTES of Money $$$$$

You've been daydreaming for literal YEARS about your Wedding Day. How beautiful it will lovely the photos will look...what people will say about how much fun they had, even years later!

A bride and groom lovingly looking at each other on the front steps of the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan.
Photo by Captured Couture, LLC. | Venue: The Masonic Temple Detroit | Coordination by The OPAL Affair

You're ready to throw down on the most epic gala your guests have ever witnessed...and then reality sets in:

You're dangerously close to maxing out your budget.

Having a wedding budget is NOT something to feel ashamed about, btw. You can throw a damn good party and still be cognizant of where you might need to lower some costs.

So here are 5 Wedding Wastes of Money- as I've experienced through my work as a Wedding Coordinator!


01. Ceremony Programs

I get it. They're something of a #weddingtradition. But not every tradition has a place in the next generation (also see: cigarettes, patriarchy, etc. etc.)

If I had a tree for every time I coordinated a wedding and had to pick up over 200 trampled, forgotten, and unloved wedding programs off of the floor...I'd have a forest.


02. CAKE

An all-white wedding cake with cascading white, sugar roses
Photo by Brian & Stacey Weddings | Cake by Sugar High Bakery | Coordination by The OPAL Affair

Gone are the days of a multi-tiered monstrosity, and in their stead we now have the glorious, easy-to-cut, just as delicious, considerably less expensive- sheet cake.

Ordering sheet cake for your guests means you can purchase a smaller (aka less expensive) Couples Cake for display and the traditional cake cutting photos!


03. Boutonnieres

If you are working within a tight floral budget, my suggestion is doing away with the boutonnieres and corsages, and putting that money back into the budget for your centerpiece and bouquet florals!

Quite frankly? I've never worked a wedding without boutonnieres where anyone said, "Hey! Are the groomsmen going to have a dying flower straight-pinned to their lapel or what?"


04. Children

I said what I said.

But really. Depending on your venue and catering options, you may find yourself paying for a seat and a meal for a child who will never:

A. Sit in that Seat or B. Eat that meal.

How do you politely let your guests know that your wedding is kid-free? Add this to your invitation: "Respectfully, an Adult-Only Event"


05. Favors

Once I worked a wedding for which the bride hand-poured individual (PERSONALIZED) candles for each guest. Yep. They also doubled as escort cards. These things were gorgeous, and smelled fantastic!

But here's the thing, more often than not, brides don't have such a specific vision for guest favors.

If you're in the latter group: Don't Sweat It.

Honestly. Yeah, everyone took their candle because- c'mon!- but most of the time? There are a bunch of extras left at the end of the night! So if you're struggling to come up with an idea, just drop it! Your guests won't miss it. Promise.


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