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Your Wedding Day Isn't the Most Important Day of Your Life

If I could grab every client firmly by the shoulders, look them squarely in the eye, and tell them one thing, it would be THIS:

I don't know if there's one singularly "most important" moment in a person's life. Instead, I subscribe to the notion that the importance of life is made up of millions of tiny, fleeting, barely-there moments, all compounding into a wildly stunning montage.

The accidental brush of someone's hand against yours. Eyes connecting across a room. A first kiss. The dimple in their cheek that only shows up with a genuine smile. Belly laughs. A drunken night...

...the First Dance. The toasts. The Last Dance. The After Party...

...yard work in Autumn. Frozen pipes in Winter. A burned meatloaf and tears. Jobs lost and jobs found. Celebratory champagne and a comforting cup of tea. Angry sobs and joy-filled laughs. Long nights and early mornings. First days of school. Last days of school. Going gray and balding. Taking The Vacation- the one you always meant to. Holding hands. Doctors' appointments. Holidays and hospitals.

The purposeful brush of someone's hand against yours. Eyes connecting across the room. A last kiss.

Life with Your Person will be so much more than simply your Wedding Day.

x | kirsten

Kirsten is a Wedding & Event Planner and Coordinator based in Michigan. She brings a calm and level-headed gravitas to her wedding planning services, while always striving to bring out the authentic personalities of her clients. To inquire with The OPAL Affair, follow this link to fill out an Inquiry Form.

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